Procite Bibs to Wordperfect 12

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Procite Bibs to Wordperfect 12
Author: Michael Alan Dover    Posted: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 02:49:18 -0500
In saving Procite bibliographies to disk, I used to save to Word or
Wordperfect RTF and then retrieve into Word, and then save as Wordperfect
5.1, and then retrieve into Wordperfect. This was the only way to retain
the indents on the second line of two line citations.

Alas, the monopolistic Microsoft has eliminated save as Wordperfect as an

After much trial and error, here is a workaround:
1.sss Save the file as Word to disk.
2. Open in work.
3. Select All and copy.
4. Open wordperfect 12.
5. Edit, paste special as Word document!
6. Select All and copy and paste into wordperfect.

Long live wordperfect and procite!


Michael A. Dover, Ph.D.
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Ann Arbor MI 48105
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