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The Personal Bibliographic Software Discussion List for ProCite is hosted and maintained at Indiana University in the United States. In early 2008 Thomson Reuters launched their own ProCite User Forum. ProCite is especially popular among information scientists, researchers and authors for its ability to groups references and create subject bibliographies, and has a long and distinguished pedigree.

With permission, Adept Scientific has archived all postings to the list stretching back to April 1995 and will continue to archive both the list and the new User Forum. Use the search box below to explore the archive and find the information you need about ProCite.

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Direct export from ISI Web of Science to ProCite 5 not working7
importing from EndNote-sunday query2
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ProCITE on the WEB and on CD-ROMS...4
XML Output Styles3
PROCITE: Output Style: Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry4
[UNCLASSIFIED] "Class not registered" error message2
BioMedCentral output style3
Multiple Reference Lists (by Document Section)5
Multiple works by the same author(s)2
ProCite 5 and JSTOR interface2
Copernic Desktop Search Handles PDT files2
Naomi Crago is out of the office.3
APA citing ISO/IEC standards documents2
harvard style5
Request to remove me from the discussion list2
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