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The Maple User Group (MUG) was an electronic mailing list designed to give users of the Maple analytical computation software system an opportunity to discuss applications, problems and issues with other users. There were over 1000 readers and contributors world-wide. The Maple User Group was moderated by a member of the Symbolic Computation Group at the University of Waterloo in Canada but has been inactive for a number of years.

Adept Scientific has archived and indexed all postings to the list and will continue to house the archive for the benefit of Maple users looking for technical tips and other information. Use the search box below to explore the archive and find the information you need about Maple.

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[MUG] Displaying maples graphs in latex.2
[MUG] What has MAPLE 7 against Mathematica 3?2
[MUG] differental operators2
[MUG] Suggestion to Maple development group: add MatrixDE()2
[MUG] maple printing question2
[MUG] How to control colors in plot3d (option shading)2
[MUG] How to set foreground/background colors?2
[MUG] Pb with minimize2
[MUG] plotting colors in maple2
[MUG] Guaranteed multiple-precision results2
[MUG] Problem with SWP Implementation of Maple2
[MUG] DegreeReverseLexicographic Monomial ordering2
[MUG] Generating a compound poission process in Maple2
[MUG] Physical Properties Of Liquid Metals2
[MUG] Maple startup options?4
[MUG] abstract algebra impossible in Maple?2
[MUG] _EnvTryHard , _EnvSolveOverReals etc2
[MUG] Bug in Eigenvectors?2
[MUG] how to implicitplot this func2
[MUG] Nargs2
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New Topics
[MUG] Saving an entire internal session in Maple 71
[MUG] Re: Crashing in Maple 7 for Linux when removing output1
[MUG] Binary Tree Data1
[MUG] restart1
[MUG] Re: fundamental1
[MUG] Transformation of Old Workspaces1
[MUG] differentiation of a sum1
[MUG] FW: polynomials to operators1
[MUG] Problem using evalf(Int)1
[MUG] scope of `setoptions' command1
[MUG] Re: Bug in Eigenvectors?1
[MUG] Re: Change default colors in odeplot1
[MUG] Bug in dsolve1
[MUG] max element1
[MUG] fundamental idea in a procedure - counting primes1
[MUG] Differentiation of an arbitrary sum1
[MUG] easiest way to write1
[MUG] simple question: numbering equations and/or lines in worksheet?1
[MUG] Maple Automata package1
[MUG] Problem using evalf(Int(..)) to verify density function1

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