[mathcad] Re[2]: Mathcad 2000 crashes in windows XP

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[mathcad] Re[2]: Mathcad 2000 crashes in windows XP
Author: Aldo P Solari    Posted: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 16:07:05 +0000
He has to go 2001i on XP SP2. Ver. 2000 on XP SP3 ... I would like to
see it ...

Also (dont forget this), use O&O CleverCache or a similar (good memory
management add on app.) and most of your problems will go away (with 2
Gb RAM). Gaps in memory imply crashes and malfunctions. Low RAM is
like having a Ferrari going on wooden wheels ...

Something else I do is to slim down the system: halt services you wont
use, read "windows annoyances dot org", slim down and defrag the
registry and erase much of the stuff of the system you will never use.
As with every tool, you'll have to spend some time learning how to
trim the system - else get some of the crashes when you most need it
(the week before deadline/s ...).

Much of the rubbish attributed to MathCAD is due to failures in

And on Vista ... "hasta la vista, amigo" :P


W/best wishes,

Aldo P. Solari (fisheries biologist, PhD)

(private matters)

Home: www.ulpgc.es/webs/ffresearch-solaris
(U. of) Las Palmas, Canary Islands [26/11/2008, 15:43 GMT]

Original message:

wrote [25/11/2008, 17:07]:

CW> I am using Mathcad 20001i with XP. I seem to remember that this
CW> version was brought out just after XP was released, as an XP
CW> compatible version. So it may be that 2000 is not compatible and
CW> you will need a newer version.

CW> Chris


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