[MATHCAD] Symbolic processor and ln(exp(x))

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[MATHCAD] Symbolic processor and ln(exp(x))
Author: Alexander, Rob    Posted: Sat, 4 Mar 2000 17:12:40 +1300
Hi Everone,

Am I missing some obscure mathematical point here or did Mathsoft (or Maple)
miss an obvious relationship in the symbolic processor? It seems that
Mathcad 2000 can simplify exp(ln(x)) to x , but cannot do so for ln(exp(x)).
It just returns the expression and it responds identically whether I enter
exp(*) or e^*. If I put in a value instead of a variable, it returns the
value, but it simply won't consider simplifying the expression symbolically.
(Even my calculator can do it.)

Am I fated to having to manually simplify parts of my work and re-type them
into the next stage of my models?



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