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[mathcad] Re: Stability of Mathcad ...

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[mathcad] Re: Stability of Mathcad ...
Author: CJoe    Posted: Thu, 7 Jun 2001 16:04:59 +0000
Rob et al.: the freeze may be caused not by MathCAD or other
serious applications but by some smaller, less professional
programs. For instance, I have observed that MathCAD will freeze
when I am using Winamp at the same time. And this will happen
much less when Winamp is not loaded into RAM.

As for an auto-save feature, yes, as long as it can be disabled!!
-- I for one believe auto-save is more dangerous than manual

cheers and thanks for your comments.

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AR> Hi CJoe,

AR> When you get an "offending task" error in Windows 2000 while
AR> running Mathcad, then you know the OS is doing what it
AR> should. It's telling you that Mathcad asked to read to, or
AR> write from, an illegal part of the system's memory. Windows
AR> 2000 refuses to allow it and advises you of that. If the
AR> program cannot continue, then the OS shuts it down. That's
AR> exactly what an OS should do. MS can't keep others from
AR> writing code with bugs, but it can intercept bad calls before
AR> they compromise the system. When that happens, you should be
AR> able to just reopen Mathcad and start work again because the
AR> new session will be in an entirely new memory space
AR> (...assuming you saved your work regularly!!! We really could
AR> use an auto-save feature in Mathcad.)

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