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Re: Re[2]: [mathcad] --Mathcad
Author: Paul Bragg    Posted: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 11:57:00 +0000
"Aldo P. Solari"

24/01/2011 11:57
Re[2]: [mathcad] --Mathcad

Robert, all,

IF.... :P

you do not shame ending up using some software made by the
ruskies :P (shame on us, shame on us) :P


still under development but open source with some future.

I hope not but -it appears- that PeeTeeCee MathCAD will -sooner or
later- b-u-r-s-t (a gypsy fortune teller said so) :P

My FORTRAN colleagues are still half/laughing at us: you know, they
run "carpet-bombing"/flying iterations on cheap INTEL/Unixoid clusters
and FORTRAN ...

A "let-it-die-with-dignity" solution (we already chatted some about
this in the past) could be IF.... PTC let the thing go opensource or
outsource it to either the People's Rep. of China or India.



W/best wishes,

Aldo P. Solari (fisheries biologist, PhD)

(academic matters)
(private matters)

(U. of) Las Palmas, Canary Islands [24/01/2011, 11:19 GMT]

Original message:

wrote [21/01/2011, 12:37]:

MRRJ> No, the list isn’t broken.

MRRJ> Mathcad is broken.


MRRJ> The refusal of PTC to come up with a freely available patch for
MRRJ> a dysfunctional product which crashes when “print preview” ,
MRRJ> leading to loss of all date, caused me to desert Mathcad.

MRRJ> Although I still occasionally use the programme V14 but have no
MRRJ> intention to pass on any further monies to a company which has
MRRJ> so little regard for its customers.


MRRJ> Robert



MRRJ> Dr. Robert R J Maier ; PhD., Dipl.Ing.FH; MInstP, Research Fellow .
MRRJ> Fibre Optics Group in Applied Optics and Photonics .
MRRJ> Heriot-Watt University; School of Engineering and Physical Science
[EPS] .
MRRJ> Earl Mountbatten Building, Edinburgh, EH14 4AS; UK .
MRRJ> Office: Room G.23, Phone +44 (0)131 451 3084 or .
MRRJ> Lab: Room G.72, Phone +44 (0)131 451 8153 ..
MRRJ> Fax: +44 (0)131 451 3088 .
MRRJ> email:


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