[mathcad] Alternative to Mathcad?

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[mathcad] Alternative to Mathcad?
Author: Malcolm Reeves    Posted: Fri, 09 Jan 2009 18:14:47 +0000

For years I have used Mathcad in my simple way. When it first came
out it was a good program at a reasonable price. Now it is an over
priced program with lousy support. So is there anything else around
that can read Mathcad files?

I have Mathcad 7,8,11. I stop upgrading at 11 since that did all that
I need and the upgrade price is just silly for what I use it for. I
can get a full PCB layout program for half that and upgrade annually
for the price of windows. That's reasonable.

I recently upgraded my PC. Mathcad 11 has stopped working an
automatic license update does not work. The reason is that MathCAD 11
has a 2 license rule and you're out! What fool thought that one up? 2
licenses in a year perhaps since PC upgrades are not that frequent.

So I've got in touch with PTC and apparently they will send me a new
code word to put in, but it has been 3 days now so I'm NOT impressed
with the support. I own Mathcad 11 and have a right to use it as long
as I like.

But being practical I'd like an alternative course of action rather
than waiting on ptc. A way to convert files back to Mathcad 8 would
be nice as that has no stupid license software to mess up. Or some
shareware than can read mathcad files.

Given the way I am being messed around (and the stupid price Mathcad
is) I cannot see me ever upgrading Mathcad. The feature set (or the
feature set I use) is not worth the price.

I can't even track my support call online because you can't create an
account with support features unless you recently bought the product.
I need some sales number apparently, just having the CD is no longer
good enough.

BTW I have to get any reply from PTC to comments like these, if you
can find an email to send it to. Even the email address ptc list for
abuse complaints bounces! Not that I am surprised that they want to
be ex-directory!

Malcolm Reeves

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