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Re: indent second line of reference
Author:    Posted: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 18:43:37 -0500
Someone asked about indenting the second line of a reference (APA) - not
sure if it was answered.

At least for APA 5th output style that I have in my Endnote v. 7, it is
already set up to do a hanging indent for all the paragraphs following the
first line.

You may either need to update your output style by downloading a new one off
of the Endnote web site or you can edit your APA output style.

To edit it, go to "Edit" tab, select "output styles", then "edit APA"
(assuming that is your active style), then choose the layout tab under the
"Bibliography" settings and make sure that it says "all paragraphs" by the
hanging indent item. (pretty sure this is the same as version 6, but either
way there is some setting for the hanging indent in the output style that
will do what you are looking for).

If you are using MSWord I think that all files have default tab stops at 0.5
inches, but if for some reason you have removed tab stops, you do have to
make sure that you have some kind of tab stop for the hanging indent to
indent to in the manuscript that you are working on (I think).

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