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Minor but annoying problems with editing styles

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Minor but annoying problems with editing styles
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Sun, 26 Apr 2009 08:12:22 -0700
Subject: Minor but annoying problems with editing styles

Author: lmfle2 (New User)
Date: 04-26-2009 04:12 PM

Hi All, I'm attampting to create my own version of Harvard by piggybacking off the Harvard on the system. Citations look like this: Preston, G.H. (2008) '"My Pen Rides the Paper": Hip-Hop, the Technology of Writing and Nas's Illmatic', Journal of Popular Music Studies 20(3): 261-275   Frith, S. (1987) 'Why Do Songs Have Words?', A. White (ed.) Lost in Music: Culture, Style and the Musical Event (2nd edn). London: Routledge. 77-106.   Basically it's just streamlined a bit with bracketed date. But here's my problems:   With the journal volume/number, if I have a citation where that journal only uses volumes, then it appears like this: Journal 9(261-275 So, I'm wondering, specifically within the parameters of the style manager>editor, how I can stop that? I think it should be flexible enough to realise when citations do and don't have particular bits and attached brackets etc. to them, and I'm guessing I've just got the syntax wrong. Similar problems occur with different bits, but I'm guessing its all the same logic. The other minor problem - is there a way for it to automatically put in counting number suffixes, you know 'st' 'rd' 'th' - or should I just manually enter them next to the edition number in the citation entering bit? If anyone could help me with this, I'd be very grateful. Even better, if someone has already edited a style that looks like this (I've seen it used in many journals) could they swing it my way? Thanks! Cheers, Lawson

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