cleaning up corrupted document

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cleaning up corrupted document
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 18:10:29 -0700
Subject: cleaning up corrupted document

Author: Leanne (Guru)
Date: 04-03-2009 02:10 AM

Looking at the document after select all, unformat, but the ?unformatted? references were still ?fields? and highlighted, suggesting that endnote code was still embedded in them. In fact if you Alt+F9, they had curley bracketed EN.CITE information. Unformating all the references a second time, brought them back to an unformated version - except for the offending reference which is still highlighted and still has EN.CITE info in it. When unlinked the fields on that (which on a PC is ctrl+Shift+F9- probably apple+shift+F9) (they all looked like [Author, Year #RecNo]) the fields were removed, and the document reformates just fine. Somehow the code got corrupted. Make sure if you are working on a formated version and insert new references, that you are outside the reference, with no spaces between the old and new reference. If CWYW is off, and you reformat, it will combine them. If it is on, then it should automatically combine them. I suspect trying to insert them IN a formated reference is what corrupted the reference. I recommended the following: Just to be sure your current version is completely clean, I would make a copy of it. I would unformat all references (select all and unformat). I would probably do it twice, just to be sure. Delete the residual bibliography. There should be no references in () and if you Alt+F9, there should be no curley bracketed funny EN.CITE stuff. (If after formatting you see the funny EN.CITE stuff, hit Alt +F9 again.) Then I would unlink all fields. You can do this by selecting the remove field codes on the Endnote toolbar (which should only remove Endnote formatting, which is preferable if you have other fields embedded), or globally using the command I gave above, which completely cleans up codes. Reformatting should work much better and it might also solve the hang-ups you were having before, with CWYW on? This worked.

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