Problem with in-text citations

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Problem with in-text citations
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Tue, 21 Apr 2009 07:56:58 -0700
Subject: Problem with in-text citations

Author: kweather99 (New User)
Date: 04-21-2009 03:56 PM

I am having two problems while citing with EndNote X1 and Word 2007.   1. EndNote is adding first author's initials to the in-text paranthetical citation, which is incorrect according to APA 5th style (which is how my EndNote is set up to CWYW). For example, this citation shouldread, (Brown & LaRosa, 2002), and here is how it is citing in-text: (R. T. Brown & LaRosa, 2002). I have checked the reference in EndNote, and it is formatted properly with no extraneous punctuation or anything, and yet it will not format properly in text.   2. When I am citing a reference with several authors, CWYW is placing the citation as (Wilens et al., 2000) for the first citation within the paper, which is incorrect. APA 5th states that for in-text citatations, up to 6 authors should be listed in parentheses by last name with the publication year, and afterwards the et al. format can be used. How do I figure out why EndNote is doing this and how can I correct it so the output is correct?   Thanks in advance, Kevin

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