Re: Linux related questions -- Font / Coding Problem with EndNote X1 on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10/wine 1.1.19)

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Re: Linux related questions -- Font / Coding Problem with EndNote X1 on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10/wine 1.1.19)
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Wed, 22 Apr 2009 03:29:10 -0700
Subject: Re: Linux related questions -- Font / Coding Problem with EndNote X1 on Linux (Ubuntu 8.10/wine 1.1.19)

Author: Ieragadu (Visitor)
Date: 04-22-2009 11:28 AM

Hello jmarks,   > It sounds from your post that:   > a) you can run Endnote X2 under Intrepid and Wine   - well, EndNote X1.0.1 actually, but yes, it does run fine, thanks to the installation help from Peter Travis (who assured me that, as far as it concerns Linux integration, there's no difference between X1 and X2).    > b) you can CWYW using OpenOffice.   - that indeed is nice, but somehow still in a testing stage, as I haven't heard about this feature other than from Peter... Only problem I'm having with it thus far is I sometimes have to restart EndNote after having added new references, because CWYWSA does not start then (Data Visualization grayed out).   > This is quite amazing.   - yep, I've been trying this in vain for a couple of years, but now it seems we're getting somewhere ...    > I am running CrossOver Linux, the not-free version of WINE.   - no idea about that, never tested it, sorry ...   > Would you mind detailing exactly how you got Endnote X2 to run?   - sure,  just I don't want to clog this thread -- Peter has detailed it pretty much already (except that, in newer wine versions, there's no need anymore to fall back on Windows 2000, all icons install nicely in their proper location, and I haven't [yet] seen EndNote crash when highlighting). If that's not enough, ask me again directly at   > And are you at liberty to share the stand alone CWYWSA along with any installation instructions?   - that I don't know -- I was sent this file as beta tester [more precisely: alpha version],  back in May 2008 without being told what I'm allowed to pass on -- maybe you try to contact Peter yourself?    In general terms, it's a Sunacle Java applet running under EndNote as Data Visualization tool (which is why I haven't tested it in my VirtualBox-Windows XP, as there I have RefViz installed for visualization).    It puts all references from a library into a list, from which you can select the references to be cited (single/bulk), use additional boxes to exclude author or year, cite with the author outside the parentheses as Author (Year), add prefix [eg: see also ....], or add suffix [eg: ..., p.10]. Then you Update to the selection box, copy CTRL+C, and paste CTRL+V as temporary citation at the desired location in your (Ubuntu!) Open Office document.    When you're done with the paper, save it in .rtf format. Then, back in EndNote, you load it with Tools - Format Paper, select the output style, and when you then press the Format button, a new .rtf version of the paper (with style information added to its name) will  be saved. <check screenshot attachment>     A bit more tedious than with Word, maybe, but it beats typing. Problems may be having to stick with .rtf format (not all my .odt files with tables and graphs convert correctly).    My main problem is, as stated, special characters, be it Western or Asian. Good news is, all such characters are apparently retained when imported, and as such are carried over into my documents (Japanese, for those who know what I'm talking about here, I use Ubuntu's SCIM-anthy in a RIS-formatted (template) file, then import into EndNote library as text file).    Bad news, that in EndNote itself, it's a matter of flying blind, as these characters are not displayed correctly in the edit or preview windows, and in the main library window I have to adjust the font preference for either Western or Asian).  Why this is so, no idea, as under Windows, all works fine with Arial font selected -- but I'm a biologist, not computer scientist.    > being able to run Endnote would allow me to (almost) junk XP invirtualBox .   - if you can do without special characters (umlauts, accents), you should be able to ... provided you can get your hands on a CWYWSA copy.    HTH

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