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Re: cleaning up corrupted document

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Re: cleaning up corrupted document
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Fri, 3 Apr 2009 01:07:44 -0700
Subject: Re: cleaning up corrupted document

Author: schmunzelm (Regular)
Date: 04-03-2009 09:07 AM

yep, this worked, the ref was probably corrupt, and I should insert new references right next to a bracket, not inside any brackets. When I 1. unformat the bibliography (a few times if necessary, checking for EN.CITE if necessary, and the alt+F9 worked on the mac, fn+alt+F9 on powerbook) and 2. remove the field code (I did that via word tools menu), citations are normal text and fast to work with; I think I'll routinely do that. Endnote will still be able to format anything that looks like [Greenspan, 1997 #65][Streisinger, 1989 # 4] into a single (), even if field code not there.    ok I start to like endnote because there is a way to turn it off once I started using it. Also, support was very great and fast, thanks, Leanne. 

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