Corrupted (?) in-text citations

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Corrupted (?) in-text citations
Author: Community Mailer    Posted: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 08:35:57 -0700
Subject: Corrupted (?) in-text citations

Author: fitz_m (User)
Date: 04-20-2009 04:35 PM

Hello,   I'm  writing on behalf of a library user who is having rather dire problems with EndNote.   More specifically, he has a Word document with approximately 190 references. At some point, though, it seems that some of the references got corrupted. He had decided to switch from the generic ?numbered? style to APA, but when he did so in Word, he noticed that many of the references no longer appear in the reference list.   We tried some troubleshooting, and by unformatting and reformatting the document, we determined that 108 references are behaving normally, while the others are corrupt. When APA is applied, the corrupted references remain in the numbered style and do not appear in the bibliography. (See attached screenshot of the document.) When the Unformat References command is used, the normal references are unformatted, but the corrupted references remain the same (i.e., with a number). We also tried exporting a traveling library from the document, and again, only the 108 normal references are exported. It also seems that the in-text citations shifted their placement within the document if they were added after the references became corrupt.   Strangely, though, the numbered references are still connected to EndNote. When I display the embedded field codes in Word, the corrupted citations have the coding { ADDIN EN.CITE {ADDIN EN.CITE.DATA}}. However, they do not have the actual information about the references (i.e., title, author, year) that appears in the coding of the normal references.   The researcher is using Windows with Word 2003 and EndNote X. I have also tried working with his files on my own computer running Windows XP, Word 2007, and EndNote X2.   I have looked at these FAQs and, but it seems that these steps don?t get around the problem of needing to reinsert the corrupted references.   The researcher doesn?t think that the references were inserted from separate libraries, although he has transferred the library between computers using a usb key.     Naturally, this is very urgent, as his dissertation is due on Friday. I have contacted EndNote tech support to see if they have a solution. I would also greatly appreciate it if anyone else can help determine if there is a way to restore his references. In the meantime, he is going to start on the labourious task of identifying the references that correspond to the corrupted citations so that he can re-insert them.   Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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