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Temporary Citation options
Author: Wiedemann, Leanne    Posted: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:53:33 -0500
Dear Endnote Suggestions (cc'd to endnote-interest group)

Trying to address a question on the user interest group Subject: Handling
multi-author papers in EndNote 5, I realized there was a major problem with
multi authored papers, even with the travelling library.

It would be great if you gave an option to use a frequently used field, like
pages or choice of any field rather than limit the option to label and
accession number (in place of record number). Until I tried this option, I
was not aware the there was this limitation (I assumed and even suggested
that people use page numbers, for example, in a previous question of a
similar nature). It is clear users (as reflected by questions in the user
group) run into a number of problem with libraries, travelling libraries,
wierd citation-non-recognition, citations which were not correctly
reformated when one tried to change the format conditions.... Until Word is
exactly the same between Mac and Windows, and they stop coming out with new
versions (when ---- freezes over) this will remain a problem with
collaborating authors. To help us, if you would help if you would

1. Allow us to easily copy the record number to another field (with
additional text to maintain its uniqueness between multi-authored
papers).not move and not change... new option
2. Allow us to use any field to create temporary citations.
3. An easy mechanism to change the temporary citations from one preference
to another. Maybe have an easy way to format a paper to create an altered
in text formated reference, which will look like a temporary citation with
an alternate field, which can then be unlinked and reformated? (presumably
only do this with the current authors new references, because maybe the
other authors references would be in the travelling library and not in the
current authors library. - this would need to be thought about carefully by
you guys).

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