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creating a connection file
Author: J TenHaaf    Posted: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 17:24:03 +0200

We set up connection files for our catalogues (our OPAC at Maastricht and
the "Netherlands Central Catalogue"). It's a piece of cake. Then we tried to
set up a connection file for the (so-called) OnLine Contents, a vast
database of article-refs here in the Netherlands. To my suprise if one
chooses "new connection" under menu File > Connection Files, in the
Templates option there is extended marc decription for books, thesis,
computer program, and some more, but NO marc for journal articles is to be
found at all!?!?

I'm not quite familiar with this stuff (marc, Z39.50) from a technical
perspective, but I can't imagine that there is no way to import article refs
into endnote using the connection file option??

Thanks in advance for your answer.



J.A. ten Haaf PhD, Health Sciences Librarian
Maastricht University
P.O. Box 616, 6200 MD Maastricht
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 43 3885171
Fax: +31 43 3884137

Re: creating a connection file
Author: John East    Posted: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 17:09:09 +1000
>I can't imagine that there is no way to import article refs
> into endnote using the connection file option??

The default templates which you see when you create a new connection file
are designed for library OPACs. But, as you say, it is quite possible to
import references to journal articles.

You will have to create your own template for Journal Article. Complete the
"Connection Settings" section of the connection file. The "Search
Attributes" section probably needs a lot of work, but some of the default
search options (like Any Field or Title) will work on most Z39.50 servers.
You will now be able to connect to the database and do some sample searches.
The results may display with the Book reference type, or may just be empty
records. You can see the full details of your retrieved records by clicking
on Window>Show Connection Status and then selecting "Record Data".

When you have retrieved a good number of journal articles, close the
connection. Now find the Connect Log. The location of this can be displayed
by selecting Edit>Preferences>Online. The log is just a plain text file.
Make a copy of it, because the log is overwritten every time you reopen
EndNote and establish a new connection.

The log will show you the exact data as retrieved from the server, and you
use this to create the filter template for Journal Article. I presume the
database you are searching only has journal articles, so change the default
reference type to Journal Article.

When you are testing and refining your connection file, a neat trick is to
use the Import function, as if you were filtering a file of downloaded
records. For the "Import Data File" option, select your log file. For
"Import Option", click on "Use Connection File", and select the connection
file which you have written. EndNote will then filter your log file, using
the filter templates in the connection file.

John East
University of Queensland Library
Email: />

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