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PsycInfo 3rd party vendors

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PsycInfo 3rd party vendors
Author: Tom X Chao    Posted: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:45:35 -0500
I am using Endnote 5 with Mac OS 9.2.1. I would like to remotely
search PsycInfo using Endnote's remote searching function (using the
z39.50 protocol). Does anyone have any advice or opinions about the
3rd party vendors that offer PsycInfo (in terms of pricing,
ease-of-use, etc.)?

I have an APA Gold subscription, however, using the APA website to
download PsycInfo records involves having to go through several extra
steps to "Export to Software" the records that are needed. Clearly
remote searching is preferable.

I have trial access to the Ovid platform currently.

I am a corporate user, not a library nor an academic institution,
which I believe prevents me from accessing certain databases such as
OCLC FirstSearch.

Thank you,
Tom Chao
New York City

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