Getting rid of deleted citation in manuscript

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Getting rid of deleted citation in manuscript
Author: Journal Of Vestibular Research JVR    Posted: Tue, 22 Apr 2003 12:23:20 -0400

We're writing a manuscript, and developing the EndNote library at the
same time. I'm not sure of the sequence here, but here's what we see:

1) Library has a single entry, #524, referencing a particular reference,
call it Smith 2003.
2) Paper cites Smith 2003. So far, so good.
3) However, paper has another citation to Smith 2003, pointing to
(non-existent) record #515.
4) If, in Word 2000, we do a citation search, it shows both records,
#515 and #524.
5) On the other hand, if we open EndNote directly and search on Smith,
only #524 shows up.

Examining these two records (in Word) shows that #515 has the title
capitalized and the volume/page part left blank, while #524 has the
title with only the first word capitalized and the rest of the entry
filled in. What I suspect happened is someone started to enter the
info, deleted the record, and later added it back in. Perhaps the
citation was inserted into Word before the entry was deleted, I'm not

How do we get rid of references to the non-existant (there, I spelled it
both ways!) reference to Record #515, and have this non-existant record
not show up when we do an EndNote citation search (the magnifying glass
icon) from within Word?

Bob Schor

Robert H. Schor, Ph.D.
Department of Otolaryngology
University of Pittsburgh
(412) 647-2116

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